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BNI Networking Secrets©
Maximize Your Membership

Now for the first time you have the opportunity to accelerate your referrals and your BNI success with our very own BNI curriculum! All your BNI questions answered to make BNI work for you starting day 1.

In this 3 CD set you learn directly from Dr. Ivan Misner, the founder of BNI, about what makes BNI work, why it's the fastest growing referral based networking program in the world, and why education is at its core.


Hear Dr. Misner talk about BNI Networking Secrets©
Here's what Ivan says about this CD set:

"BNI Networking Secrets© will jump start your membership so you are coming in at a much higher level and playing the game at a much more professional level. I believe you will get referrals much quicker because you are immersing yourself in the educational process and learning how to be more successful from day one."

BNI Networking Secrets©
The Fast Track to the Fundamentals
Learn What the Best Already Know


The BNI Networking Secrets© 3 CD Curriculum has been developed and road tested over a two year period and has had great feedback from all listeners whether they are new BNI members or seasoned members. Even people not yet in BNI have found it useful and joined BNI for the benefits of the BNI process.

If you are ordering it for yourself or as a gift for someone, there will be an immediate benefit to you from the information described about networking, word of mouth and what really makes it work. Yes, there is a system and a process! This CD set captures the twenty years of experience and knowledge of BNI's founder and makes it available to you directly. The engaging "talk show in a car" format, both educates, and informs in an easy learning manner.

Fast Tracking the Fundamentals In Your Chapter

Recently, BNI chapters have begun using this foundation curriculum as the Fast Track to the Fundamentals of BNI with the chapter, ordering a copy for everyone. Alll chapter members listen at the same time and after that start a 3 month educational curriculum using the CDs as the team's foundation for BNI.

The results have been exciting and productive for chapters and members! Referrals have doubled in sixty days, visitors have increased and retention has been positively affected. Perhaps most importantly, chapters are experiencing a renewed sense of excitement about being in BNI. It's easy to start - order your copy here!

Here are comments from chapters who have used it:

Lee Wheeler, President, Southeast Texas Networkers
"This was the best thing that has happened to our chapter. It energized every single member.. Our referral numbers doubled and have yet to plateau. Our visitors have risen sharply and the energy created in our meetings is electric. All of this can be attributed to the CD's as they have refocused every member and brought new members up to speed with veterans. These CD's will jumpstart your chapter and make even the saltiest of members remember why they got into BNI."

Melinda McNeely, President, BNI-Golden Triangle Referral Group
"Ivan delivers a powerful message that has captivated every member in our chapter. As a result 2 important things have happened. (1) Our referrals have increased by more than 50% and (2) members are understanding the process of BNI more clearly. I strongly recommend BNI Secrets to anyone wanting to increase the success excitement in their chapters and in their business."

Wayne Reeh
"I have been fortunate to hear several of the stories/examples Dr. Misner uses to make his points firsthand from Dr. Misner himself. He has a unique ability as a story teller and his stories blend perfectly with the BNI philosophy. The work you have done to produce BNI Networking Secrets has completely captured the spirit of BNI. I look forward to sharing BNI Networking Secrets, my new teaching tool, with BNI members AND non-members too!"

Sara Pencil Blumenfeld
"I had been in BNI for a year before I had the opportunity to listen to the “BNI Networking Secrets” CDs. The real eye-openers for me were the description of the VCP Process and the Time Confidence Curve. Learning about the Time Confidence Curve (the more risk involved in your profession, the longer it takes for me to feel comfortable referring you) helps me explain why it takes much longer for some chapter members to get referrals, and thereby makes me a better leader. Understanding how Visibility, Credibility and Profitability impact how you communicate with someone and what you can expect from them has made a big difference in how I view and approach prospects, clients, and referral partners. If I had known this process when I first started my business it would have saved me much time and many headaches due to approaching people in the wrong way and expecting the wrong thing."

Sue Long Merrill
"I have started several chapters in the past and the struggle for me was how to help them to be more successful - more guests and more qualified referrals passed. What I appreciated most from the CD's was understanding the VCP process and how to apply it to a chapter's success. If I had this tool years ago I would have had a scientific system to apply to forming chapters with guaranteed success. But now I do and I am so grateful!"

Beth Anderson, Owner
"The flexibility of this material is incredible and the quality is very high. If I had this material when I started my company, it would be twice as big as it is today. Everyone needs to get this."

Kathryn Sanford
"There are multiple, easy-to-implement networking ideas featured on the CD's. However, the one that I have implemented in my business is the VCP Process. Instead of "assuming" that I have a strong relationship with other BNI members and clients, I am reevaluating where I am in the process and I keep listening to the CD's for reinforcement and fresh ideas. How cool to have a daily dose of Dr. Misner as your car coach!"